Hi, my name is Johan Boström

I'm a system architect, developer and solution expert, with experience in web-, application-, server- and windows service development with main focus on .NET / C#. Special skills with many kinds of CMS-tools, like EPiServer, Umbraco and Litium Studio.

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So you want to secure your api or you mvc application? And you want to keep it really simple! Well then Basic Auth might be just right for you!

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Create url and seo friendly slugs in c#

So, the other day I stumbled upon a discussion on StackOverflow about generating a url friendly slug. I found the problem quite interesting and decided to give it a go on solving this in .NET Core.

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Placeholder Image

A list and implementation guide of some of the best image placeholder sites on the internet.

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Stop light
Request throttling in .NET Core MVC

Security in apis are important and we might not want the apis we build to be overly used. I built a small attribute function that allows for throttling of a specific endpoint.

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Part one i a small guide-series in creating a starter kit for IdentityServer 3 with ASP.NET Identity and Entity Framework for persistent data. In this part I will be focusing on setting up the basics, and configuring IdentityServer and ASP.NET Identity.

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VisualStudio and Chrome

With the release of Visual Studio there is a new feature for debugging in JavaScript, which is great, but unfortunately this has a side effect. When you start your debugging, Visual Studio launches a new instance of chrome that is unrelated to your normal chrome instance. For me this is quite annoying, especially since I don't need to debug any JavaScript applications. Luckily this can be turned of quite easily by just changing a setting.

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